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’I worked with Sonja for several months and found her to be a patient listener, easy to talk to, non-judgemental and supportive’

I benefitted from one-to-one support work as well as more focussed sessions- I still use some of the anchoring techniques she taught me in a variety of stressful situations and have found success in sharing them with other people including a friend with severe claustrophobia who had to have an MRI scan.

Sonja was a big help in getting past a bad experience of a previous practitioner and in helping me work on minimising the impact of and sometimes negating, negative emotions and thoughts.

My life is much more stress-free now as a result of Sonja helping me gaing the skills needed to create positive changes to my life. Although I only worked with Sonja for a few months the benefits were tangible and have stayed with me to this day.’

Ian Murphy
Managing Editor

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