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"Just a quick note to say thank you to Sonja, in just a few sessions she turned my life around. Im now able to focus again on the positive things in my life. She is so easy to talk to and very understanding. Thanks again Sonja
Mark Nottingham

"Im pretty sure you will not remember me as you probably see lots of people throughout your working week but i just wanted to e mail you to say thank you.........Not only did the sessions I had with you help at the time but they also made me realise that I had a bright future ahead of me and wanted to do something about it.........This time last year I didnt see how life could change and yet now I cant believe how much it has changed. I also still put everything down to your help and support through my rough time and thank you so much for that.”

Scott Nottingham

Working with Sonja was a very positive experience for me.

Although it was for a brief amount of time, I found Sonja to be friendly, approachable and very professional.
The work we did together enabled me to see things from a different point of view and the exercises we did together have helped me to move forward.
I am planning to do some more work with Sonja as i feel her help is invaluable.
Sonja is excellent!!!

Theresa Social Worker Nottingham

’I worked with Sonja for several months and found her to be a patient listener, easy to talk to, non-judgemental and supportive’

I benefitted from one-to-one support work as well as more focussed sessions- I still use some of the anchoring techniques she taught me in a variety of stressful situations and have found success in sharing them with other people including a friend with severe claustrophobia who had to have an MRI scan.

Sonja was a big help in getting past a bad experience of a previous practitioner and in helping me work on minimising the impact of and sometimes negating, negative emotions and thoughts.

My life is much more stress-free now as a result of Sonja helping me gaing the skills needed to create positive changes to my life. Although I only worked with Sonja for a few months the benefits were tangible and have stayed with me to this day.’

Ian Murphy
Managing Editor

Sonja kept me focussed to help me find solutions

to a number of problems. We did not just sit and talk about the past which ive done before in therapy,she helped me sort things out and I now feel I can now get on with my life.Thank you
Derek G

With Sonia’s help, I have dispensed with so much negativity in my life.

I have moved on from problems that were weighing me
down for years and I have even grown to like myself and who I am,which I never thought would be possible.

Sonja didn’t provide me with the answers she provided me with the tools to enable me to take responsibility for my life, help me manage my future and my feelings, which in turn has helped me recovered from an enduring depression.
With thanks Tim Wood

Before our meetings my spirit, heart and mind were broken down to nothing. 

I had spent months going out of my mind with stress. My wife had left me after admitting to having an 18 month affair.

After meeting you and having our counselling sessions, you have helped me re-build my life again. Although I still have to deal with the emotional pain and the financial stress, you have helped me to re-build my spirit and confidence and love being alive again.
Thank you
Steve Watson

Sonja is fantastic!  If it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I am now. 

I’ve addressed issues that I have carried around for many years in a few sessions. Priceless.
Jack Manager

Sonja, I would like to give you a big thank you from myself and family for the help you gave me in getting my life back on track. 

I am now back at work full time with a full case load. It has been a bit of a struggle at times with Christmas being a low point due to the death of my mother. I honestly believe that I would not have coped without drawing on the sessions I had with you during last year.

Once again thank you for all the fine tuning you did with me.
Kieron Remm Drugs worker

"Sonja helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life.

She is highly professional, knowledgeable, experienced and is at the same time friendly, kind and compassionate. Her calmness and non-judgmental attitude made it very easy for me to talk to her and I was always surprised at how well Sonja could find the root of a problem, even when I didn’t know where it was coming from myself.

With Sonja’s help I am now equipped to deal with the stressful times in my life in a much more constructive way for myself and those around me - as a result I feel that I am a much happier and relaxed person. I found her to be an excellent Counsellor and would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone having a difficult time in their life.”
Sophie (Derbyshire)

When I first came to Sonja I was a very negative person

indecisive and unable to find self control. We talked at first which is hard for me as for most people, feeling as a closed book. I decided to try the ways of Reiki instead of communicating verbally and found it very strange at first, to believe in something you can’t see is hard but when you realise that it does actually work you begin to feel that the miracles of life are actually true, all you need to do is believe! Since I’ve had sessions of Reiki I feel I’ve turned my life around for the better. My only wish is having more time for REIKI!!!
Brian Simpson Printer Nottinghamshire

"Sonja really helped me at a time when I was very down and struggling to cope. Every session I had with her made me feel brighter

and more positive and she has helped me in improving my negative thoughts and turn them into positive and also coping with anxiety which is something I had struggled to deal with for years.

I would recommend her to anyone who was feeling seriously down and would put forward Sonja’s name to any of my friends as she has made a big difference to my Life and I am very thankful!”
Sally Nottinghamshire

Since working with Sonja I have seen changes in myself that I didn’t think were possible.

I didn’t think it was possible to feel the way I do now!…
Thank you
Ella Assistant Manager Lincoln

I had problems at work at the beginning of the year which affected me greatly, my confidence was zilch,

I could not trust anyone not even friends it affected both my home and personal life, I felt I was under this black cloud and I could not get from under it.
had tried counseling a few years before and I went for months but did not feel it really benefited me, so I was skeptical to try it again.

After my first visit I knew Sonja was the one that was going to help me. She helped me get my confidence back so much so that I now have a new job, made some new friends and made changes to my life and look at things differently and it only took eight visits.I have no reservation about recommending her to anyone.

You really helped me pick up the pieces, dust myself off and face the world again. I am still using the techniques you taught me.
Rebecca Yorkshire

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