Workshops available

Reiki training, level 1 workshop in the Autumn.

Confidence and self esteem
Anxiety reduction

Certified Emotrance Practitioner Training

Emotrance Self help day for beginners
Manuals provided

Emotrance is an outstanding self help tool.

It enables you to more clearly identify your own emotional states and it teaches you how to manage new feelings states as they arise in the moment.

Amazingly easy to learn and to use

As well as restoring a sense of health and well-being, it also helps us to access and strengthen the levels of energy available to us.


Comment from a previous trainee
“Its been a wonderful experience.The theory was well explained,giving good examples and with plenty of practise”
Montana Vera Guillen

To secure your place please call 0845 408 9378 e-mail or go to contact page.

Secure payment available online with credit card and paypal, paypal account not necessary

If you would like me to run a training in YOUR part of the country let me know!

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