Energy Psychology

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is a non invasive meridian based technique for releasing the underlying energy that causes negative emotions.  EFT has achieved much attention in recent years and is often a first introduction into energy psychology.  It helps remove the emotional blocks to the body’s natural energy flow.

It is often described as acupressure or acupuncture without needles. Whereas acupuncturists use needles to stimulate and unblock energy channels, in an EFT session the client is guided to gently tap meridian points on the body whilst using statements which directly focus on the issue being addressed, this action provides the opportunity to change how they react to the particular issue.

EFT is a cutting edge technique which frequently gives impressive results very quickly, without the need to relive old problems that may cause pain.  Clients achieve beneficial results and regain control over their emotions.

On a first session you will be taught how to take charge of your ongoing wellbeing by using EFT.  It is a fabulous self help tool which, once learned, has a multitude of applications.  The technique enables you to work through layers of emotions, memories, and beliefs to the root cause - melting them away gently and rapidly.

“The cause of all negative emotion is a disruption in the body’s energy system”
- Gary Craig, developer of EFT



“Energy is just energy- it is neutral, just like rain or snow, or sunshine.  If we experience any energy as unpleasant or painful, this is only because we are not processing this energy correctly” Sylvia Hartman

Emotrance was developed by Sylvia Hartmann PHD and first presented to the European energy psychology conference in the UK in 2002.  As a system it represents a 21st century application of the most ancient understandings of our energy body and its requirements.

With Emotrance we understand that whether we experience an event as stressful or not depends on how our energy system handles the information coming in.  Information could be a certain “look” from someone, a remark, or other event.

If we are not handling energy very well we experience it as a build up of pressure, most commonly in the head, chest, or stomach each time we recall the event.

The use of Emotrance allows those feelings to flow freely so when we remember the original event, we feel no distress.  This enables a new level of clarity and understanding - previously inaccessible whilst ‘stuck’ in the old emotion.

Emotrance can accelerate traditional counselling as the question is asked: “where do you experience this issue in your body?” Once observed, this feeling can be encouraged to soften and flow.  The regular use of Emotrance provides a way to effectively deal with stress which, if held in the body, may lead to disease.

Where intention goes energy flows

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Fast Release Entrapped Emotions With A Yawn - a CER “change energy routine.”

Freeway-cer is an energy psychology technique developed over many years by Tim Bolton and his partner Bev Anderson.

Freeway Cer was being developed in the UK at around the same time that TFT and other meridian therapies like EFT were being developed in the USA.  However, Freeway has slightly different roots coming from Chi Gung (qigong) - Chinese traditional Medicine reflexology and ageless wisdom teachings of the world.

The CER procedure is the basic form of the system most commonly used in a session. It involves the client tapping certain points on the body to address the imbalances within the meridian system.  Yawning in freeway assists with relaxation, oxygenation of the body, and the release of underlying emotions.

Freeway fits well - and works in conjunction with - other forms of therapy including counselling, NLP, and healing.  As with many other energy therapies Freeway can produce very swift changes for a wide range of issues - even for the most sceptical!

I offer Freeway sessions as a standalone system or combined with other therapies.