Your history is not your destiny” - Alan Cohen

Do you want to:

  • Let go of painful feelings or memories that stop you feeling good?
  • Let go of those negative, limiting self beliefs?
  • Change the outdated ways of thinking and behaving that hold you back?

Have you ever remembered painful experiences from the past with such clarity they feel as if they are still happening now? Or have you found yourself repeatedly acting or thinking in ways that ensure you don’t get what you want and felt powerless to change the pattern?

Perhaps you’re unsure what the problem is and believe, if you could just find the source, you would be able to change.  Or maybe you’re aware what the problem is but you just don’t know how to change?

Our minds are powerful.  Unfortunately, your mind didn’t come with a manual to tell us how to use it!  Increasing your self awareness helps open the door to new and better choices.


Just imagine what it would be like if you could access your positive memories with clarity right now?

Everyone is unique.  I work very practically with a range of approaches and techniques including Solution focussed, NLP CBT(Cognitive behavioural therapy) Gestalt, EMDR and Hypnosis tailored to suit each individual client.

Positive changes clients have reported from sessions are:

  • Absence or reduction of negative emotions
  • Gaining of new perspectives, insights, and awareness
  • Conquering of panic attacks, fears, and phobias
  • Overcoming feelings of depression
  • Improved communication within relationships.
  • Increased feelings of confidence and motivation

“Sonja really helped me at a time when I was very down and struggling to cope. Every session I had with her made me feel brighter and more positive and she has helped me in improving my negative thoughts and turn them into positive.....
I would recommend her to anyone who was feeling seriously down and would put forward Sonja’s name to any of my friends as she has made a big difference to my Life and I am very thankful!”
Sally Nottinghamshire