-the key to feeling good inside

Although many of us may experience similar challenges in life, we often respond in very different ways emotionally.  Have you ever wondered why?

One employee’s response to the words ‘you’re fired’ may be feelings of rejection followed by depression, sleeplessness, and even physical symptoms.  But another might respond positively - seeing it as an ideal opportunity to move on to new pastures.

Life is all about flow.  For example, we physically eat and digest our food then extract the waste it flows in - through our bodies and out.  Our energy system behaves in the same way. We take in energy from our life experiences, our environment, and through our senses.  If this incoming energy is not handled positively, disturbances in our body’s energy flow can trigger painful feelings years later just by thinking of that unpleasant incident again.

Think back to a time when you were told something that upset you (for example ‘you’re selfish’ or ‘I don’t love you anymore’ ) Remember exactly how you felt right then, noticing what you could see/hear/feel at that time.  How does it make you feel as you recall this memory? 

Uncomfortable?  Embarrassed?  Hurt?  Angry?  If you still have strong feelings about the incident, it means the emotion is still held inside you.  You don’t notice it until your attention is drawn to it or you find yourself in another situation that triggers those old feelings.  Recalling the event triggers an emotional response which in turn can create physiological symptoms typically related to stress.

The positive news is that, with developments in energy psychology, we are continuing to develop highly effective tools to restore the body to a state of balance and well being.

By becoming aware of our limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and painful memories whilst working on balancing the body’s energy system, the underlying disturbances are released - restoring the body’s natural balance.

Most emotional and limiting beliefs stem from disturbances in the body’s energy system, which means these techniques can work effectively to relieve stress, lack of confidence, depression, anxiety, and phobias.  In turn, many physical symptoms can also be treated: muscle tension, headaches, chronic fatigue, allergies, and IBS for example.

“Emotions are feedback devices though which our energy body communicates with the conscious mind just as physical pain is the feedback device through which the body communicates with the conscious mind about its well being.” Sylvia Hartmann